Get more money from selling your home. A furnished and decorated home sells 80% faster and 15% more money. 

Great Staging makes the space luxurious and welcoming

We specialize in telling inspirational stories and forging an emotional connection with potential buyers. When shopping for a home, buyers find it challenging to understand the value of empty spaces and personally specific designs. We bring the insight, imagination they need to see themselves living there, which has proven to sell homes faster and above asking price, every time. 


Séson Home is specially trained in prepare a home for sale. We furnish your home in 1 day or we can make minor repairs to make your home look ready to sell. We have an outstanding track record of helping investors, agents and homeowners sell their homes faster and at the highest price. Our goal is to provide the best value for money services. That's why our integrated design provides you with high quality services to prepare, furnish and photograph your home to make your property stand out from the competition.


We stage houses in 1 day!

This means that your home is ready for showings earlier and is already attracting buyers with its attractive interior style.

Minimum rental period

We offer a shorter minimum rental period than our competitors. Which keeps more money in your pocket and increases your profits.

We will take pictures of your home

We will take beautiful photographs that will show future buyers your home. In a few days you will receive photos from us.

Time is money

We understand that when it comes to selling your property, time is money. Houses that are professionally staged not only sell faster but they sell for a higher price. That means a greater return on your investment. 

And don’t forget, investment in staging is always less than the cost of a price drop!


Vacant Home Staging and Home Staging + light labor

Whether you're a real estate investor, homeowner, or builder, it's important to have a professional team ready to get your home ready for sale. Most people cannot imagine living in your empty house. This is a proven fact, which is why we are ready to create the ideal conditions for your home. We will select furniture, decor and accessories (including carpets, dishes and art objects). We will bring all the furniture and arrange it in 1-2 days. You will get all the furniture for rent during the sale of the house and save money. If you want to update your home and don't have major building plans. We can include light labor such as tile backsplash, wallpaper, paint, and other minor needs. Proper finishes and furniture placement can help you get more money for your property. Write or call us, we are ready to answer any questions.