The Séson Home Staging is an Orlando, FL based company that provides high quality home staging and photography services for every real estate transaction. Elevate your space with our professional staging services. Discover the power of professional staging for a stunning and inviting atmosphere to help you sell your property.

Milla Kazartseva

Milla is an interior designer and co-founder of Séson Home, a boutique staging studio in Florida. 


She has an innate ability to transform a space from what it is to what it should be in order to achieve the highest return for his sellers and to help buyers understand value and opportunity. For 20 years, Milla has been creating beautiful interiors for apartments and houses for her clients. She knows how to make the space luxurious and cozy.


Her interiors have been published in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Women's City Project, as well as publications in different architecture and design magazines around the world.


Architectural Digest

Elle Decor

Women's City Project



Séson is, first of all, the story of the life of interiors and the life of those who live in them. Let me intro­duce you to my team - the imagin­a­tions and the hearts behind each creation and the magic that is Séson. For the past twenty years I have had the immense pleasure of creating interiors for sale and for living with Séson. Spaces where quality, creativity and service are at the heart of everything.

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